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1:1 Netbooks in Grades 4, 5 & 6

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4F Literacy Rotations

Students using their net books to watch a YouTube clip ‘What does it mean to be green?’ and then using that information to create a brochure via Microsoft Publisher.



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Rube Goldberg, Netbooks & Machines!

Over the past few weeks our Grade 4 students have been madly reading, watching, learning, interpreting and analysing simple machines using their netbooks. With YouTube videos they have found ideas for machines, and then researched how they work (and how they can adapt them) using websites and online books. It’s been great to see their practical application of these to physical models. Yesterday we were excited to see all the machines across Grades 3 and Grades 4 in action! here are a few samples of the great researching, thinking, problem-solving and constructing that we saw:

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Netbooks for Maths

Today I popped in to Grade 4 and saw some interesting use of Netbooks going on! In the short video below you will learn more about what our students were up to.

1to1 maths



Wouldn’t it  be nice if it were a real $10 000 ! Good to see the use of online resources to connect learning with the real-world.

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Screen Reading


Some recent research has indicated that reading on computer screens is becoming ‘easier’ for most people:

Recent Developments in Screen Reading

  • Early studies showed that reading on a screen was 20-30% slower than reading in print, but the difference is fading quickly as devices improve. One recent study showed that it is now only 6.2% slower to read on an iPad than in print, and just 10.7% slower using a Kindle. As far as reader preferences,
  • Print reading is a solitary activity, while, as writer Christine Rosen says, “Screen reading, a historically recent arrival, encourages a different kind of self-conception, one based on interaction and dependent on the feedback of others. It rewards participation and performance, not contemplation.”

This is interesting to us at Laburnum as we begin to work with students and their one to one devices. The idea that screen-reading can be more collaborative and interactive that paper/book reading is definitely one we would like to explore further!

Go here: to read the full article.

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The Day I Got My Laptop

In the first week of the Netbook program this year, our students wrote about their experiences. Of course, they are excited to use the laptops in class, but we were particularly impressed that they talked about their learning from very early on… As you will notice, we had a few challenges with flat batteries on the first day – which were easily remedied over-night. All our students (whether they choose to rent a Netbook to take home or not) have access to these great learning tools and as teachers we love to way in which the computers help us personalise and support all students in our classrooms.



The Day I Got My Laptop

I was excited Mrs. Blannin came in she said to come to the Italian room. Then Mrs. Blannin explained the instructions about the laptop. Then she handed the laptops out by name. When we went back we turned it on. We did our user and…

It didn’t !!!work Then we waited until Mrs.Blannin fixed them. And then it was great fun! I have used my netbook for all sorts of things. But I like using the Netbook for writing best.

by Riley









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Collecting Our Netbooks

It was an exciting day collecting the netbooks – and very hot too!

With every computer individually set-up, labelled, numbered and assigned to a student, these great tools were easy to give out. And of course our students dived straight in, logged in and got going. We are focusing on learning about cyber-safe practices and enjoy sharing our learning! More stories from the students later!

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Cyber-Safety & Learning

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Welcome to One to One Learning!

Welcome to the online space for our One2One Computer program here at Laburnum PS. We are excited to share with you each week and let you in on what we have been up to in our Classrooms!

Here’s an outline of our 1:1 program so far this year!


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