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1:1 Netbooks in Grades 4, 5 & 6

Brilliant Week

It has been a beautiful, brilliant and busy time in Prep the last few weeks. Each classroom has been positively BUZZING and BURSTING with energy.

Any guesses at what sound we have /b/een looking at this week?

The last two weeks has seen a few significance events take place. The prep students were lucky enough to have a visit from a real life policeman. Detective Taylor, who has been coming to Laburnum for 9 years now, taught us the important role that he and his fellow policemen play in the community to keep us safe. The highlight of the visit was seeing each student getting to go inside the police car and testing out the siren. After a 106 tests, the teachers concluded it well and truly worked.IMG_9371

Last Friday, to consolidate our understanding of the /c/ and /k/ sound the preps were invited to wear crazy socks. It was fair to say that they jumped into this challenge with both feet (literally). There were bright, odd, long, short and even homemade socks that had everyone else in the whole school saying. These are some “CRAZY SOCKS!”


As we near the end of the second term it is important to recognise the hard work that the preps have put in over the last 74 days. The efforts during class and at home have resulted in so many quality learning experiences and outstanding memories. As their teachers we are certainly excited to experience further growth and more wonderful times with each of them in Semester 2.

Just a reminder to that Parent Teacher interview will be held on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday during Week 11 this term. You can make a time to see your child’s classroom teacher by visiting the following link and making an appointment. We look forward to discussing and celebrating so many achievements.

Enter Code:  thbvf

We hope you have enjoyed the long weekend!

The Prep team

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Inquiry Presentations

Grade 4 students are showing their creativity through their Inquiry Presentations!

Here is Victoria using Kahootz to display her knowledge about Captain Cook.



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iTime is proving to be a great success!!

Here is Aurora who has decided to investigate the art of Salsa dancing!

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Here is a Youtube clip we have found in the Grade 4’s to help us with our learning of adverbs!

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Khan Academy videos for Fractions!

Converting decimals to fractions 1 (ex 1):


Equivalent fractions: Introduces the concept of equivalent fractions

Plotting basic fractions on the number line:

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Personal Inquiry


‘Sorting out’ gathered information by making a movie using Movie Maker.

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Personal Inquiry


Working together to share ideas and discuss understandings.

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Exploring our personal questions

The grade 4 students have started using the Inquiry Process to explore their personal questions relating to environmental impacts.

The students have done a fantastic job using Internet websites, YouTube clips, BTN articles and videos to find relevant information to their question.




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Garden pot designs

The grade 4 students have worked together to create a range of designs for the BIG ceramic garden pots that line the breezeway. We shared our ideas with each other and Mrs. Hopcroft.


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Using the Inquiry Process

4D recently developed their own personal questions to investigate. They followed the inquiry process to research and gather information to their questions.



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